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P. 961 Belize

  Belize is a small country just to the east of Guatemala in Central America, and so it was a quick trip for my family to go there for a vacation.  All of the action takes place on Ambergris Caye, a small island off of Belize’s coast.  The draw is that the third-largest barrier reef in the world is a five-minute boat ride from the island.  With English as its primary language and a friendly group of residents, it is a relaxing place to visit.


Cars are not driven around the island, and so transportation is by rented golf carts or water taxis.  The water taxis run on a schedule, and you just wait at the hotel dock to be picked up.  Our first outing was to go snorkeling, and we saw all kinds of sea creatures, even swam beside some sharks.  Another favorite adventure was hiring a boat and traveling around the coast looking for the perfect fishing spot.  Being a bunch of amateurs, we were lucky to have the able Captain Chito to find snapper heaven, where we caught fish after fish.

Cynthia Kuhn Belize

Cynthia with her catch!


Later, we took our freshly cleaned fish to a local restaurant where they cooked them up for us.  Nothing has ever tasted so good!  Then, it was time to wait for the water taxi, either at a beachside bar -


Jeff Kuhn

Jeff enjoying the beach (and beer)

or soaking up the sun on the dock.

The Kuhn Girls in Belize

The Kuhn Girls


– Cynthia