Places To See Before You Die — Big Sur, California

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(Editor’s Note: Today is the last 1000 Places To See Before You Die blog for us. Patricia Schultz visits us tonight at 7.  It’s been a fun month of everyone finding old photos and remembering great times.)


Big Sur, California

We lived in California for five years.  I never tired of the middle coast.  The drive along Highway 1 is beautiful.  Sometimes the ocean is calm, other times wild and rough.  The hills are craggy and dotted with small trees.  When you arrive at Big Sur, you get a hint of what lies ahead to the north.  The redwoods tower over you.  Stop for lunch at any of the outdoor cafes.  Enjoy the view!

New Camaldoli Hermitage

My favorite memory of those years was a magical long weekend spent in silence at the New Camaldoli Hermitage.  A private room, a private patio overlooking the water, and a lot of time to read!  I walked among the hills, and attended Hours (Vigils, Lauds, Vespers, Compline, etc.).  On the last evening, joined in a special Mass in the forest cathedral. We started on a bluff, moved among the big trees, and celebrated Communion at sunset along a creek running toward the Pacific.  If you get the chance to spend time by yourself-take it.

– Valerie